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Forever a Jersey shore girl at heart, Melanie (she/her) is an artist-educator based in Brooklyn, NY. Her musical theater career began at the age of eight when her best friend begged her to audition so she could have a friend to hang out with at rehearsals. The theater bug bit her good, as she pursued both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees at NYU's Program in Educational Theatre. She continued her pursuit of the stage at the Magnet Theater, where she has completed both the improv and musical improv curricula. She has been lucky to learn from amazing instructors such as Michael Lutton, Frank Spitznagel, Jacob Horn, Megan Gray, Louis Kornfeld, Nick Kanellis, and many others. You can catch her every Thursday creating yummy harmonies with Alright, Okay! or with her favorite sassholes on all-female indie team HEMLOCK. But her favorite stage? In the classroom with her future superstars.

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