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Matt Shafeek is a writer, performer and all around bald guy from Queens, NY. He's been on a dizzying array of house teams since the Magnet's inception, including Pax Romana, Skosh, Oswald, Phooka, Nintendo, Featherweight, and now Metal Boy, which he performs with every Wednesday night, along with The Armando Diaz Experience on Saturdays. He's been doing improv for over 15 years now, which is longer that he's committed himself to just about anything outside of mandatory bodily functions. In the many years he's been up on the Magnet stage, he's learned a few very important lessons which he would like to share with you here:

1) It's impossible to convincingly improvise eating a salad, so just stick with a steak or a burger, regardless of your real life dietary habits.
2) A jetpack will open up the entire stage (heck, theater!) for you, so why not make sure every character you play always has one on?
3) Coaches always put one leg up on a chair. If there are no chairs available, DO NOT attempt to play a coach or you will be subjected to the wrong kinds of laughs!

On top of his improv and sketch performances, Matt Shafeek also received his MFA in Creative Writing in 2016 and is currently working on his second television pilot. He loves games and especially loves the part where he has to explain the rules to everyone.

Lastly, 'Matt Shafeek' is just an all around fun name to say. Go ahead and try it!

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