Matt Abedi

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Matt Abedi is a Brooklyn-based Comedian and Product leader who has a passion for bringing teams together to create something funny, useful, or both.

Starting his career in Washington, DC as an Analyst, Matt Abedi drew inspiration from both disciplines to create unique experiences. After he arrived in NYC, he worked as a co-founding employee at a startup (Fohlio) and launched a new product (Q) while writing and performing in ensembles and shows including: Chad Bradham, Scout, Stockton, Newport, and Raw Denim—to name a few.

Passionate and devoted to his craft, Matt Abedi began coaching Product leaders and directing shows of his own in order to share his perspective. This time, using his improvisation skills to lead teams and his Product skills to bring the ideas of other Comedians to life.

He continues to support tech teams in the NYC area as well as collaborating with his ensemble Rebel! Rebel!. Rumor has it, he’s working on something special these days too. Honestly, you never know with this guy, he’s a wild one. If you’re interested in working with Matt Abedi, you can book him here:

Follow him on Instagram @mattabedi