Maryann Alspaugh

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Houston native, Maryann moved to Austin and studied theater at St. Edward’s University. In 2010 she moved to NYC and found improv at the Magnet Theater. (Thank You Desiree Nash) She has performed with Magnet House Team's; TeachOut! and Magnet Musical House Team; StartUP, Brightside, and currently Honeymoon. She also produces events all over New York City.

Maryann has studied improv and musical improv at the Magnet Theater with Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, Rick Andrews, Armando Diaz, Michael Lutton, Elana Fishbein, and Megan Gray! Maryann owns all her happiness to the Magnet Theater for that is where she met her husband. Maryann's favorite food is breakfast tacos.