Lorraine Cink

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Lorraine Cink is most notably known as host and writer of Marvel's The Watcher, weekly news web series on Marvel.com. Lorraine has studied at The Magnet, The PIT, UCB and Second City and holds degrees in Theatre from Philadelphia Univ. of the Arts and Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. She has performed with the improv teams such as Legend and Rosencrantz (Magnet), Baby Wants Candy TourCo, Borealis (PIT), Hello (PIT), 10£ Ally, and the sketch teams Philo's Folly (PIT). Lorraine has a dog named Robot for whom she is eternally thankful.

Find out more about her at LorraineCink.com. Casting inquiries can be sent to Ken Lee at Innovative Artists.

Past Ensembles

Rosencrantz, Honeymoon