Lauren Friedman

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Lauren Friedman is a writer and editor ( whose childhood acting career peaked in 1987, when she appeared on Sesame Street as Kid Who Gets Her Shapes Confused. Lauren caught the improv bug in 2001, when she went way off-script during an audition for a regular play and was encouraged to try improv instead. She performed improv and sketch with the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Lighted Fools for three years, studied at UCB, and then graduated from college and acted like a grown-up until 2012, when she was fortunate enough to stumble into a musical improv class at The Magnet. She has since spent many a happy weekend studying with Michael Martin, Frank Spitznagel, and Megan Gray. Forever a Sing Kid, she is thrilled to be performing with The Magnet's only all-lady musical house team, The Jezebelles. In her day job as a journalist, Lauren covers mainly health, psychology, and neuroscience but has also written about truly random things like dragon boat racing, yeshiva conflicts, haunted houses, and... improv comedy. She was born in New York, lives in Queens, and is never ever bored.

Past Ensemble

The Jezebelles