Julia Schroeder

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Julia is an NYC-based performer/writer originally from Detroit (lol, the suburbs). She started improvising in 2013 and continued to improvise, sketch, write, act, teach, coach, and use her dang public health degree in #real Detroit until she moved to New York in 2017 and found a nice home at the Magnet. She studied musical improv with Magnet Gems Annie Moor, Nikita Burdein, and Frank Spitznagel, and regular improv with Magnet Gems Rick Andrews, Nick Kanellis, Louis Kornfeld, Elana Fishbein, and Peter McNerney! You can find her on Megawatt Wednesdays with Sweetheart, Saturday nights with The Cast, Sundays with House Party Sketch, Thursdays hosting the Magnet Community Mixer, at schools performing/directing with The Story Pirates, and writing online with The Bacon Beacon. Also find her in your ears with podcasts The Buck Fifty Social Club and Story Pirates. (If you really try you can also find her running on the streets of NYC, prob ending up at Pizza Suprema)

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