Jesse Acini

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(Writer, Performer)

Jesse is a writer, comedian and scrappy tough guy from Queens, NY. He is a veteran of six Megawatt teams including Ariana Grande and Featherweight, directed Magnet?s long running sketch team Stockton and currently directs Chico Splits. He also coaches improv all over NYC. Go ahead and book him/me! Jesse has studied sketch and improv at the Magnet, Second City NY and UCB-NY where he was a writer on four Maude teams including the well regarded Gramps. Jesse created the Channel 101 series Good Cop. A Comedy Series. which was nominated for 3 Channy Awards including Best Show. I (he) hopes you?ll click on the link below. Jesse is allergic to cats, dogs and stone fruit. He will still pet cats and dogs but will not pet stone fruit.