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Hello! You've found Ivy Hong's bio. Ivy thought she was a very serious dramatic actor until she found the Magnet Theater and now has a much improved understanding of her brand identity. You can find Ivy improvising with her team, Behemoth, on Megawatt every Wednesday. You can also find Ivy at Livewire, Magnet's monthly sketch show, with New Team Patience. She hopes to have to wear a mustache many, many times.

The three things Ivy would take to a deserted island are the means and access to escape, but the desire for a tropical holiday. Ivy is a proud member of the Clean Plate Club and she would like to eat french fries all the time. She also loves chips, dogs wearing wigs, and comics about bears. Find her on Instagram: ivyoftheworld

Ivy loves to write bios. Ivy wishes she could make a living writing bios. The floor is now open for questions.

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