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Harold is a Software Engineer from Toronto, Canada. He spends 40 hours a week writing Javascript. He maintains a somewhat popular Chrome extension. He has no business being in theater.

How he got here is a bit of a mystery.

Some would say it was the influence of his mother who studied theater and performed improv once herself. Others would suspect it started the year he was a substitute (not once called upon) on his high school improv team. The four classes he took in 2015 at Vancouver Theater Sports is also possible to blame.

But if we're placing bets, it was most likely the result of landing (unexpectedly!) in New York in 2017 and becoming fully immersed in the amazingness of the Magnet Theater while seeking out more community.

Whatever the case may be, it's not glamorous and Harold needs all the help he can get keeping up this charade. To do your part in maintaining the illusion, you can watch him perform as part of "Dreamboat" at Megawatt on Wednesdays.

He thanks you for your time and is very sorry if this bio wasn't everything you hoped it would be.

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