Eli Itzkowitz

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Eli has been studying and performing improv comedy since 2004 under the tutelage of Justin Moran as a member of the University of Hartford's premier improv comedy troupe "Stop Laughing, Mom!," which he would go on to direct. During a 6 month period living in Brattleboro, VT, Eli taught improv comedy at the New England Youth Theater. He began studying at the Magnet in 2010 under Mark Grenier, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, Alex Marino, and Armando Diaz. He has been a member of Megawatt since 2012 and of the Magnet Sketch Teams since 2014.

He also has a full time job and recently opened a high yield online savings account with a .95% interest rate (subject to change without notice). Cha-ching! His life is great!

Past Ensembles

Horses, Nintendo, Stockton, Metal Boy