Elaine Bledsoe

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Elaine is a native of Alexandria, Virginia and therefore likes to bring up the classic football movie "Remember the Titans" a lot. Since moving to New York, Elaine has been studying comedy at Magnet Theater and The Annoyance Theater with Megan Gray, Elana Fishbein, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, and Frank Angelini.

You can find Elaine performing at Magnet monthly with sketch team House Party, on the second Tuesday of the month with Improvised Buffy at the Kraine Theater, goofing around with her indie team Boyf, and occasionally doing stand-up because she's laboring under the delusion that her thoughts and feelings are of interest to others.

Elaine is a middle child, a British humor enthusiast, an ENFJ personality type, a Sagittarius, a LOTR nerd, a soccer player, a lover of the color orange, and a natural redhead. If she likes you she will call you pet names and try to twirl you in the air.

Past Ensemble

House Party