Danielle Naugler

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DANIELLE NAUGLER hails from the world of musical theatre where she's typically pleased to be type cast as a buxom and/or ditzy blonde, but she has loved adventuring in Improv (at UCB and here at the Magnet under the tutelage of Mad Cap Michael Martin, Frank Spitznaegal, Mike Still, Achilles Stamatelaky, and Ari Voukydis) where she gets to play an infinite number of types. A Boston girl at heart, she wants the world to know how lucky it is for everyone that she moved to Manhattan and got rid of her cah ­ true story: while a junior at Boston College, she once pahked her Nissan 240sx not in hahvahd yahd, but rahthah under a bus.

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Check out the work in progress that is her website: www.daniellenaugler.com

And have a great, great day

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