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Chris is a performer originally from Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with a B.A. in History, an A.S. in Film and Theater Technology from Valencia Community College (Go Pumas!) and an M.S. in Secondary Education from Long Island University (Go Finley the Shark!) - in that order. Chris started improvising at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida and fell head over heals with improv and the joyous improv community. She loves performing at the Magnet in NYC more than anything else. When she's not at the Magnet, though, she's either teaching high school history or she's out roller skating. She's not allowed to do both at the same time because her principal cited insurance reasons with which Chris wholeheartedly disagrees. Chris currently performs with the Megawatt team, Spaghetti, every Wednesday. It's an amazing team and always fun to watch. She is also one half of the 2-prov group, "McEnRo" with Ro Rovito. Oh, and she love burritos. She loves Chipotle burritos. So, if you're looking for gift ideas, Chipotle sells gift cards at every location.

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