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Chris Bouknight doesn't always have sand on her nose but sometimes when she visits home in South Carolina, her adorable niece kicks it in her face. When not being bullied by children, she enjoys travel, roadside attractions, ABBA, and a good theme party. While in SC, she attended Newberry College (where she briefly participated in a public access short form improv tv show called Absolut Ad-lib) and Columbia College. Outside of improv, she works in higher education at SUNY Purchase.

In 2017 she took her first Magnet Theater class and it has been a love affair ever since. In addition to Magnet Megawatt's Mr. Bear, you can see her with The Cast on Saturdays at the Magnet, or catch her with her Armory team, Pyramid Scheme and Harry Potter themed team, Heirs of Hogwarts.

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