Charlie Whitcroft

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Charlie is a writer, improviser, and dabbler in all sorts of things residing in New York City. He has benefited from the improv tutelage of Armando Diaz, Jean Villepique, Rachel Hamilton, Ed Herbstman, Dave Pasquesi, TJ Jagodowski, Joe Bill, Louis Kornfeld, Alex Marino, and many others. He has performed with former resident ensemble Milk Milk McGinty, and in various shows such as The Necropolitans, The World of Tomorrow, The People vs. Milk Milk McGinty, JCDC, and MountainManProv, The Blackout, The Acid Trip, and many more. He is currently a member of The Boss and can be seen on stage most Thursday nights.

Charlie studied philosophy at The New School for Social Research where he earned a masters degree and developed the groundwork for his metaphysical assertions. Impressed?

Past Ensembles

The Boss, Milk Milk McGinty