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Brian Rodriguez is a man of the people. He came from people, and lives among them now. He used to teach high school English to 9th and 10th graders, but now he lives under a bridge. He has a had the great privilege of studying musical improv under Michael Lutton, Frank Spitznagel, and Ryan Dunkin. In addition, he has studied improv with Louis Kornfeld, Kelly Buttermore, Clowning with Alan Fessenden, Storytelling with Adam Wade, Hip Hop Improv with Douglas Widick and Kaila Mullady, and Sketch with Steve Hogan -back when he tried to join the Groundlings as an 18 year old WHOOPS. He highly recommends all of these wonderful instructors. Brian played Charlie Brown once in a musical, and everyone complained about his tan. Brian also likes to put egg whites in his whiskey sour. Sue him.

Catch more of Brian talking himself to death on twitter: @darkerspirits

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