Brendan Goggins

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Brendan is an actor and comedian based out of New York and can currently be seen with the Magnet sketch team Newport. In the past he's been a part of the Magnet house teams Danger Noodle, Chillionaire, and Stockton (sketch), 1,000 Foot Whale Claw (improv) as well as Squash, Pipe Dreams, and StartUp (musical improv). He works as an actor with the arts education organization Story Pirates and frequently performs improv in schools all around the tri-state area with Freestyle Repertory Theater. He's also worked as a host on The Ride and has written for Funny or Die News Flash.

Originally from Long Island, he started doing improv at Manhattan College in 2011 with Scatterbomb. Since then he's studied improv, musical improv, and sketch at both UCB and the Magnet with truthfully far too many teachers to list, but he has studied comedy long enough that a considerable portion of his teachers now live in LA.

If you play Billy Joel's Uptown Girl, he will naturally feel compelled to dance.