Bimini Wright

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(House Manager)

Bimini was born and raised in the tropical rain-forests of Northeastern Australia. It was exactly like you imagine it.

After graduating high school in the Land of Aus, she hosted a 13-episode adventure travel show that took her to Hawaii, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Islands. The show never went to air, but Bim got paid to go hot air ballooning, swim with sea lions, and rig a crocodile trap, so she's fairly certain she'll never have a job that cool ever again.

After a stint in Florida, where she attained degrees in Theatre Arts and Russian Studies, Bimini is now an aspiring actress living in Brooklyn, who pays her bills and supports her writing habit by being Assistant (to the regional) Manager of a popular cupcake bakery in the Village. On paper this makes her a cliché indie-movie manic-pixie-wetdream. In reality, she is a nerdlesque-dabbling weirdo who can't wait to get better at improv.

Bimini can be found each month writing and performing for Project: Theatre's OUR BAR.