Becca Schall

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(Writer, Performer)

Becca Schall is an actor and writer originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She studied theater and film at Sarah Lawrence College, including a year of classical training at the British American Drama Academy in London. In NYC she has trained with Austin Pendelton and James Brill among many other wonderful teachers, and studied sketch, improv, and characters at UCB and the Magnet Theater. She has written and performed on many Magnet house sketch teams including The Misses and Dinosaur Jones, and currently performs every Friday night with The Nitro Girls. She has also put up two one-woman character shows at the Magnet, "I'm Gonna Marry JTT" and "Schooled," which later headlined at Seattle Sketchfest. Her sketch and character work can be seen all over New York City and the internet. Becca is a many-time writer and voice actor for The Truth podcast. In her spare time she enjoys doing New York Times crossword puzzles, playing in her 90's ukulele duo The Jagged Little Pills, and generally being a decent human being.

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