Annemarie Cullen

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Annemarie is a writer, actor and aspiring 'lotsa things. Born and bred in Brooklyn, NY, she was a lifelong class clown. So when she read Tina Fey's Bossy Pants in 2012, everything changed. She has since studied improv at the Magnet and other theaters in New York City under some pretty wonderful teachers like Nick Kanellis, Megan Gray, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, Kevin Cragg, Michael Lutton, Frank Spitznagel, Doug Widick and more. She is a member of several indie improv teams, including hip-hop team RoboPop and a big giant team o' goofballs called Philson Willips.

You can catch the fruits of Annemarie's writing if you like ads, and maybe other places soon too! She likes animals and sing-a-longs. She has two fat boy cats. She recently purchased a ukulele and is determined to learn more than the 4 chords she got down the first day.

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