Tara Copeland

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Tara made her way to New York after 18 years in Arkansas via Bryn Mawr College, where she discovered her love for sketch and improv comedy while performing with The Lighted Fools. She can currently be seen at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with the group Mother (2001 Cage Match Tournament Champions), who have their own show entitled The Soundtrack and with Ms. Jackson (2004 ECNY Best Improv Group), who are FOR REAL, and every Saturday at The Magnet Theater in The Tiny Spectacular! Tara has also appeared on Late Night with Conan O?Brien, as well as in The Third Degree, Commedia Del High School, Vampires in Havana, Double Down, I Eat Pandas & Friends, and the short film Running with Scissors. She was seen most recently as Pip in The Crushing Blow (www.thecrushingblow.tv). Tara has been teaching improv in New York for over five years with Chicago City Limits and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Tara would like to thank her roommates, friends, and family for their support.