Rachel Rosenthal

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RACHEL ROSENTHAL recently relocated to New York from Boston where she was in the ImprovBoston Mainstage cast. She has been performing comedy since age 12, specializing in free-form and musical improv and performing all over the country at festivals including Chicago, Boston, North Carolina, Del Close Marathon, San Francisco, Providence, and Women in Comedy Improv Festivals as well as Chicago Sketch Fest.

Since 2002, Rachel worked at ImprovBoston performing in many productions ? both improv and scripted ? over 8 plus years. She was a cast member in their Friday night Theatre Sports show from 2005 ? 2007, before moving into the Mainstage where she performed weekly until 2010.

Upon moving to NYC, she immediately joined the free-style rapping musical improv team, North Coast. She can also be seen doing monoscenes as a regular performer at The PIT?s The Scene, and with her monoscene team, Beatloaf. She also performs regularly in the improv duo, War Bride, and with Boston/NY mix-up, Doctor Ballroom.

She has a website ? www.theraeroshow.com ? and like, way too many blogs.