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Pat May is the fucking best. Pat is on Megawatt team Metal Boy and has previously performed on teams Dawson, and Magic Dad, as well as team Talon from the Queens Secret Improv Theater. Pat appeared in the ?Naughty or Nice? episode of The Truth Podcast, which was broadcast Christmas Day on NPR?s All Things Considered. Pretty awesome right? No? Wh.. hmmm. That?s like all I got. Come on?

WAIT YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE?! Pat is a member of the Story Pirates, and in his free time he is the founder and head writer for the sketch team Rolling Scones. No it?s not a lame name. No, fuck you man. The Scones have performed at the Philly Improv Theater, The People?s Improv Theater, and The Magnet Theater.

I am in an improv duo with Sam Rogal called The Eye Of Tigh! He?s funny right!?

Wait don?t leave I swear I?m cool! I house manage the Magnet Training Center. That?s a fucking sweet gig and I do a great job at it. No, if you?re not impressed then get away from me. Stop being mean. I fucking, I just? I don?t know. I?m upset. I can?t. I?m gonna go.

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