Noah Forman

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Noah Forman was born a young boy in the borough of Brooklyn, NY. After attending Guilford College in North Carolina he moved back to New York in 2007 and began studying improv. He has studied improv with (in no particular order) Erik Tanouye (Nov. 2007), Joe Wengert (Jan.-Feb. 2008), Doug Moe (Feb.-Apr. 2008), Shannon O?Neill (Apr.-June 2008), Michael Delaney (Oct.-Nov. 2008), Curtis Gwinn (Jan.-Mar 2009), Chris Gethard (May-June 2009). He has been apart of these now defunct groups: The Wells Group, The MorganPhillips/NoahForman Untitled Project. He is apart of these still active groups: The New Deal, Dreadnought.

Past Shows

The New Deal