Julia Schroeder

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(Performer, TC Staff)

Julia is originally from Detroit, but if you’re someone from Detroit she’s actually from Livonia. She started improvising in 2013 at Go Comedy Improv Theater, and continued to improvise, sketch, teach, coach, and use her public health degree in real Detroit until she moved to New York in June 2017 and found a nice home at the Magnet. She can be found performing sketch on certain Mondays at Magnet with Perfect Storm, performing improvised plays on certain Saturdays at Magnet with The Cast, performing children's stories at certain schools with Story Pirates, and writing certain online satire with The Bacon Beacon. She also has a two-woman scripted show called "The Parent Trap: Lord of the Twins Trilogy" where she and Nicole Pascaretta do a theatrical re-telling and reimagining of The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version) with a Lord of the Rings twist, which encapsulates everything Julia loves about everything. For anything else, find her working in the Training Center Office probably thinking about running or food or both.

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