Jordan Hirsch

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Jordan Hirsch has been studying, teaching, and performing improv since 2005. He was a founding member of Washington, DC's critically acclaimed iMusical and is one half of Vox Pop, a two-person musical improv show that has been featured in the New York Musical Improv Festival. Jordan also performs non-musical improv as a member of the two-person group Wando, and was a founding member of Washington Improv Theater?s JINX. He has performed in the Chicago Improv Festival, the Del Close Improv Marathon and many other festivals, and has been fortunate enough to study with teachers from Magnet as well as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Chicago?s iO and Annoyance Theaters, and Washington Improv Theater.

When he's not performing, Jordan can most often be found writing songs, building web sites for non-profit organizations that are doing good things in the world, and drinking overpriced single malt scotch. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Amanda, and their dog, Cosmo.

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