Jennifer Anderson

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Jennifer hails from Florida, where she had a lot of interaction with Gators (both the animal and the rabid sports fan). Because job security is important to her, she got a BFA in musical theater and moved to New York. She's been fortunate enough to perform Off-Broadway (favorites include Missed Connections, which she co-created), regionally (favorites include playing Jan in Grease 27 times), and even on Broadway (favorites include getting run over by massive baby strollers and other tourists from Ohio).

Jennifer took Sketch 1 at the Magnet on a whim in 2015 and she liked it so much she decided to stick around. Her appearances at the Magnet include We Just Might Kiss, Lady Sketch Lab, one awesome night in The Cast, and a bunch of class shows. Her sketches have been featured in Lady Sketch Lab, Ringers, and MISC at the PIT. She's a primary contributor for the blog Crazytown and updates her website (www.jenniferjanderson) once every 2 years.