Chloe Werner

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Chloe is a (tastefully) Jewish teen from New Rochelle! She has been training at the Magnet Theater since she was twelve years old (2014)! Chloe has been through all of the levels and performed in The Blob, The Circuit, Team Performance Workshop, and Bright Young Minds. Chloe is also a part of A Spork In The Road, a small but mighty improv group that has performed at The SteelStacks Improv Comedy Festival and The Rundown on a few occasions. She has also strayed from her Magnet roots and studied improv at UCB, but she always comes back home. She has also performed stand-up comedy at Perri Gross' Everyone Is Sad, Caroline's on Broadway, and a few private events! Chloe owes eternal gratitude to Elana Fishbein, Peter McNerney, Rick Andrews, and Hannah Chase for teaching her how to be a person in the world and on stage. Chloe hopes to continue her journey with Magnet Theater for years and years to come.