House Party

House Party


Elsa's parents are out of town and you know what that means--HOUSE PARTY! Of course there will be a keg, don't be a wet blanket, Tess. Michael and Jeff are bringing their hot friends who go to Bishop Ireton. Hey Kris, can you bring chips and dip? I heard Elaine has a giant crush on Vivek but he's super into Laura, but SHE'S been dating Melvin but on the DL because her parents are like heinously strict. And Danielle and Amanda both want to bring CDs for the party, so get ready to listen to a lot of Avril Lavigne and The Cranberries. Oh, and we've decided that we're not inviting [director] John Ross, he's such a narc. But you should definitely come, it's gonna be ALL THAT.

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