Gary From HR

Gary From HR


Gary from HR serves as a partner to audiences to provide comedy, hahas, laughter, mockery, silliness, goofiness, fiery satire, and incredible character performances to help support, utilize and manage the most valuable asset in New York City - its people!

Our strategic role is to provide sketch comedy entertainment that can attract and retain quality audiences like you. Let us help you navigate the labyrinth of comedy choices to help you grow into the best possible audience member you can be. We can help you with benefits administration, employee wellness, recruiting and retention, training and development, and recommending short-term and long-term human resource management. (NOTE: At this time, legal has said we are not allowed to help with any of that).

Gary from HR consists of energetic writers and performers who are committed to providing exceptional comedy services to our external and internal customers, stakeholders, customer stakeholders, steak holders, and vegan holders.

For Benefits information, contact Gary from HR at or call.

For Payroll related questions, please attend our shows and ask a Gary from HR representative to put you in touch with the Gary from HR payroll help line.

Directed by Suni Reyes.