Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes


Simple words, big feelings, and lots and lots of dumb, funny, and extreme scenarios, just like Funny-Man Ernest Hemingway would have wanted. We'll keep you guessing, squirming, and above all LAUGHING throughout our entire show.

"Dark and fucked up! I loved it. These guys knew what they were doing and committed to it." - Bloody Underrated

Baby Shoes, one of the six house sketch teams of the Magnet Theater in NYC, was formed by Beth Newell in September 2013. They put up a brand new show every three weeks at the Magnet and have performed at Montreal Sketchfest, Big Little Comedy Arts Festival, BCAF, NYCSF, Philly Sketchfest, and Chicago Sketchfest.

Directed by Becca Schall.

Sketch Comedy: Baby Shoes, destroyin' it.

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