Non-Improv Electives Classes

Sketch Workshop Join Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall for a one day workshop. In this four hour workshop, Kevin will discuss sketch comedy and the writing and revision process. Students should be prepared to bring in a full draft of a sketch that they have previously written. These sketches will be read aloud and workshopped by Kevin and the class. In the latter half of the class Kevin will select one sketch and quickly re-write it. At the end of the class all the students will be able to email their sketches to Kevin who will give them feedback over the course of next week. There is no pre-requisite for the class but students must bring a full draft of a sketch. Students who sign up for both Premise to Sketch and Sketch Workshop will receive a rebate of $30 bucks off.

Stand-up Comedy 101: Overcoming Stage Fright and Your First Five Minute Set
Mondays 7pm - 10pm ET (online class)
Starts: June 12th
Ends: July 24th
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