Team Performance Workshop Classes

Team Performance Workshop is a crash course for students specifically interested in auditioning for Megawatt, Magnet's house team ensemble. The first section includes eight weeks of classes during which students are split into two eight-person groups. In the second section ensembles rehearse with a coach outside of class to produce a six week run of shows on the Magnet Mainstage. This class is offered approximately twice a year.

Note: The application process for Team Performance Workshop is extremely competitive and spots are limited. The sixteen most highly recommended students, based on feedback from all previous instructors, will be offered placement.

Prerequisite to Apply: Advanced Improv Level One (if completed before August 2024) or Advanced Level 2

Team Performance Workshop
Sundays 4pm - 6pm (applications due 6/24, notifications 7/1)
Starts: July 21st
Ends: September 15th
Instructor Approval
Team Performance Workshop
Mondays 8pm - 10pm (applications due 6/24, notifications 7/1)
Starts: July 22nd
Ends: September 16th
Instructor Approval