Improv Level Two Classes

How are your fundamentals? It is easy for experienced improvisers to underestimate the importance of the basics. The truly great performers, however, develop discipline in the fundamentals of good improv and return continuously to them for inspiration. This class is heavy on exercises in the fundamental structural components of long form: scene work, group games, opening games, second beats, transitions, and callbacks. Students emerge from Level Two with the tools necessary to stage longer pieces with recurring themes and rich characters, and they hit the stage at the end with another fun graduation performance. Pre-requisite: Magnet Level 1

Improv Level Two Intensive
Mon-Fri 12pm - 3pm (in-person)
Starts: June 12th
Ends: June 16th
(2 Spots Left)
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Improv Level Two
Mondays 6pm - 8pm (in-person)
Starts: June 26th
Ends: August 21st
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