Pop-Up Drop-In a 75 Minute Commercial Improv Audition Intensive (online)

Pop-Up Drop-In a 75 Minute Commercial Improv Audition Intensive (online) with Phil Casesse and Stacy Gallo

Class Description

Our Virtual Drop-In is a casual cold copy class with 14 - 16 other actors and improvisers. We provide fresh copy, and pair you with another student for an audition-like experience. The purpose of this class is to provide a fun and casual practice space for actors to both build a community and stay sharp in their audition technique. This class is all about having fun, getting empowered with information about the business, and upping your improv game in commercial casting settings. Beyond all that, Drop-In always seeks to honor the actor’s time and investment - we keep it snappy, and we keep it affordable.


Stacy Gallo and Phil Casesse have been friends and teaching partners for more than ten years. Stacy Gallo, owner and director of Stacy Gallo Casting, one of the premiere commercial casting offices in NYC, originally met Phil Casesse, the head of on-camera commercials at Stewart Talent NYC, when she asked him to speak with her class for experienced improvisers at Upright Citizen Brigade in NYC. They haven’t stopped since.

Together over the course of a ten-year teaching residency at UCB NYC, they’ve developed an acclaimed Commercial Improv Comedy curriculum tailored to actors and improvisers alike.

When COVID-19 hit New York City in May of 2020, and the entire commercial industry was forced to adapt, Phil and Stacy acted quickly to adapt their curriculum to virtual platforms. They now host a bevy of virtual classes for a rotating roster of talented improvisers and comedians. Together, they’re a ball of chaotic joy, they’re incredibly knowledgeable in their respective fields, and they can’t wait to meet you.

Instructor: Phil Casesse

Phil Cassese is the head of on-camera commercials at Stewart Talent where he has built a competitive roster focusing on improv and comedic talent. Branching out to the theatrical side, Phil also created a Comedy Department at Stewart Talent focusing on a small roster of improvisors and comedians for Film and Television. After spending several years in the music industry working for independent Jazz and Classical labels Arabesque Recordings and 32 Jazz, Phil moved into personal management after which he was recruited to helm the commercial division of TalentWorks. Phil works on and has booked a wide array of Legit and commercial projects including multi-faceted campaigns to smaller niche projects - currently he has several high-profile campaigns running. Mr. Cassese had an eight-year run teaching at The UCB Theatre in New York, the only agent ever to teach there.

Instructor: Stacy Gallo

The casting career of Stacy Gallo has spanned twenty years. She was handpicked by Bryan Buckley to start his in-house casting department for Hungryman Productions, where she led the department. In 2008, she created her own casting company and today it is one of the premiere casting offices in NYC. She has cast award-winning commercial spots including: New York Lottery "Little Bit of Luck”, Febreeze, and Careerbuilder.com’s Superbowl Campaign. Additionally, Stacy has cast lauded short films garnering nominations and awards from the AICP Next, Shots Awards, The One Show, and The Webby’s. Stacy taught a very popular Commercial Improv class at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater of Improvisation beginning in 2007, and continues to teach her popular classes on a monthly basis.

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  1. Dec 14, 2021, 11:00am - 12:15pm
    at Zoom
    (Instructor will send info)
This class does not have a show/performance