Satire and Humor Festival: Blood, Guts and Comedy: Exploring Morbid Subject in Humor Writing

Satire and Humor Festival: Blood, Guts and Comedy: Exploring Morbid Subject in Humor Writing with Alex Gonzalez

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Class Description

When people write humor and satire pieces, it’s very easy for them to play it sterile, almost chillingly intellectual. We often forget that the macabre is right on the other side of the coin. This workshop is about pushing writers to use language and evocative imagery in more visceral and tangible ways. From A Modest Proposal, to Eric the Pie, to A Clockwork Orange, violent and graphic imagery can be just as titillating and grin-inducing as floral prose and erudite premises. Through writing prompts, writers will push the limits of their descriptive language and the dark side of their imagination. We'll write serious scenes and then try to find the funny in them. The object is to allow your thinking to become more imaginative and morbid than you're used to, and discover other ideas, concepts, and motifs you're attracted to. Even as we get weird and dark, we will treat each other and our ideas with respect!

Instructor: Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez is a comedy and horror writer. He helped found online satire site, was staffed on Michael Moore's "TV Nation," and has had a trending feature on the Black List. In the genre of horror he has co-founded the zine "You Are Not Alone", has sold short stories to anthologies, and his horror novel "Land Shark" was published by Madness Heart Press in the Fall of 2019. His twitter is garbage, but his Instagram is wholesome. For screenwriting he is represented by Izzy Louis @ Thunder Avenue.

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  • Jun 6, 2020, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
    at Zoom (Instructor will send info)

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