Advanced Storytelling Classes

Learn how to create one 15-18 minute entertaining story based on a real, personal experience. Gain a clear understanding of structure, arc and theme.

Develop singular images and descriptions-- and employ them effectively within the narrative. Develop strategies for gathering your ideas and notes. This course will focus on various critical thinking methods that will enable your unique personal and physical traits to contribute to your telling.

Utilize sounds, visuals, and multimedia to compliment your stories, create an outline, build your confidence to make revisions on the fly. You?ll leave the class with a strong foundation for a one-person show as well as methods for developing your story for television, movies, or theater. You will be in a supportive environment, one of camaraderie and growth.

Prerequisite: Storytelling Level One. Students must already have a solid story/concept that they wish to work with for the six weeks of classes.

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