Advanced Improv Level Two Classes

Team Performance Workshop is where advanced students get to continue their training as members of a limited-run improv ensemble. The first section includes eight weeks of classes during which students are assigned to teams. In the second section these teams rehearse with a coach outside of class to produce a full six week run of shows on the Magnet Mainstage. This class is offered twice a year, from November to February and again from May to August. February and August also bring opportunities to audition for placement on a Megawatt Team.

Note: Application for Team Performance Workshop can be extremely competitive and spots are limited. Placement in the class is not guaranteed.

Prerequisite: Advanced Improv L1 and Instructor Approval..

Advanced Scenework (in-person)
Wednesdays 6-8pm (in-person)
Starts: February 8th
Ends: March 15th
(4 Spots Left)
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