Advanced Electives Classes

Check out our selection of Advanced Improv and Musical Improv elective courses below (and take note of their respective prerequisites prior to registering)

Advanced Special Effects
Thursdays 6pm - 8pm (6 sessions, in-person)
Starts: June 20th
Ends: August 8th
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Advanced Studio
Thursdays 8pm - 10pm (5 sessions, in-person)
Starts: June 20th
Ends: July 25th
Advanced Spokane
Sundays 12pm - 2pm (6 sessions, 2 shows)
Starts: June 23rd
Ends: August 11th
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Coaching Class
Saturdays 12pm - 3pm (applications due 6/19, notifications 6/21)
Starts: June 29th
Ends: August 10th
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Coaching Musical Improv
Sundays 12pm - 3pm (applications due 7/12, notifications 7/15)
Starts: July 21st
Ends: August 25th
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