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Sat, Sep 8th

The Rundown
Featuring: Julie!!! / Fight Club Sandwich / Brighton Beach Boys / AVA

Julie!!!: Jay Harris & Trixze Smith

Fight Club Sandwich: Lisa Yapp, Carly Moss, Janelle Bentley, Jessica Rowley, Jeremy Gundel, Christian Holmes, Valentino Salza, Daniel Wiebicke

Brighton Beach Boys: Alex Braslavsky, Nikita Burdein, Dmitry Shein

AVA: Ashley Glicken, Elena Skopetos, Liz Migliaccio
6:00pm - ($5)

Saturday at 6pm - The PERFECT time to get your jaded mind blown by four excellent improv ensembles. Will the local neighborhood kids be driven wild by their new forms and structures? Yes. Will you? Th more

The Armando Diaz Experience
Featured Monologist: Chris Duffy

7:30pm - ($10)

The legendary show is reborn!

Created in 1995 at the iO Theater in Chicago, The Armando Diaz Experience IS the longest running improv show EVER. A guest monologist takes a suggestion from the more

Trike 9:00pm - ($10)

"Reliably one of the best improv performances in the city."
- The New York Times

"Nick Kanellis & Peter McNerney's fantastic late night show is upbeat and impressively layered improv that is more

Sat, Sep 8th

Level Three: The Harold Class Show 6:30pm - (Free)

Storytelling Class Show 7:30pm - (Free)