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Sat, 7/14

The Friendship Club 6:00pm - ($7)
The Friendship Club is an improv duo forged in the understanding that good comedy comes from people who met day one of college, became best friends, and then lived together for upwards of seven years ...
The Armando Diaz Experience 7:30pm - ($10)
The legendary show is reborn!

Created in 1995 at the iO Theater in Chicago, The Armando Diaz Experience IS the longest running improv show EVER. A guest monologist takes a suggestion from the ...

Trike 9:00pm - ($10)
"Reliably one of the best improv performances in the city."
- The New York Times

"Nick Kanellis & Peter McNerney's fantastic late night show is upbeat and impressively layered improv that is...

TRL: Total Rejects Live: a Parody Music Mash Up 10:30pm - ($7)
Total Rejects Live is a parody music mash up of famous hits you've never heard of! Hosted by Parson Pailey, meet the stars of M(agnet)TV's new hit throwback show, featuring the Splice Girls, Lil Caca...