Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Magnet Theater?

The Theater is located at:

254 W 29th St. (at 8th Avenue)

New York, NY 10001

(212) 244-8824

Where is Magnet Training Center?

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, we had to close our Training Center. Many of our classes are being taught at Michael Howard Studios (152 W. 25th St, 10th floor)

What kind of theater are you?

We’re a comedy theater! On any given night, you might see improv, musical improv, sketch, storytelling, a character showcase—or something entirely new.. You never know what you might get (but we can guarantee it’ll be a fun night had by all).

When do you offer shows and classes?

Seven nights a week! Check out our show schedule and our class listings for more details.

How do I make a reservation for a show?

    • Head over to our calendar and choose the show you’d like to attend. Click the “Buy Tix” button next to the correct date and you’ll be taken to a form where you can purchase up to 10 advance tickets with each transaction.
    • Please arrive at the Magnet box office no later than 10 minutes before show time to claim your tickets. Ten minutes before the show begins, we’ll release all advanced reservations to our stand-by patrons.
    • Seating is first come, first served.

If you see a “Rez Info” button, it can mean a few things:

    1. All advanced reservations are gone (you can probably still get in but you won’t be able to set any tickets aside).
    2. You’re trying to reserve for Megawatt or Musical Megawatt. For these shows, you can pay once and stay the whole night so we only take reservations for the first show of the evening.

Do you have alcohol?

Yes. We have a great selection of affordable beer and wine as well as water and soda in our lobby. Plus, friendly bartenders! We ID.

Can I record or photograph a performance?

We kindly ask that you do NOT record (video or audio) or photograph a performance without the express permission of the theater. In fact, we suggest putting your phone/camera/handheld technology away entirely! We’re all about enjoying things as they happen and being present in the moment. It’s an improv thing. But it works in this case, too.

How do I sign up for a class?

Once you click the “Classes” section in our top menu, you’ll be able to scroll down to see all our class offerings along the left side of your screen. When you choose the class you want, its details will show up on the right-hand side. Click the “Register” button and provide the required info and payment. Please note: You’re not officially registered until payment is received in full.

What if a class says “Wait List”?

This means a class has sold out. You can still attempt to sign up, but you’ll be placed on the wait list. Unfortunately, being on the wait list doesn’t guarantee a spot in the class.
If a slot opens up, our School Director will go through the list, in order, until it is filled.

If I have prior training, can I skip levels?

We want our students to fully immerse themselves in their Magnet training and we believe that starts with the basics. Our curriculum is designed to grow your skills and confidence in a comprehensive way, whether you’re an experienced improviser or just starting out. However, if you have massive amounts of prior experience in either longform improv or sketch comedy (and feel like you would not be overwhelmed with a Level Two), then you may skip Improv/Sketch Level One. Our musical and storytelling programs do not allow skipping of any levels.

Can I perform at Magnet?

We have so many opportunities for rising students and curious improvisers to check out Magnet’s stage.

    • Mixers: Pre-pandemic We did two improv mixers a week, one on Wednesday at 6pm at the theater and one on Thursday at 5:45pm at the Training Center. We also do a Musical Mixer every other Tuesday. They’re free to our students and anyone can sign up!
    • The Circuit: Once you complete Improv Level 3, you’re eligible to apply for The Circuit. Each season, Circuit teams are chosen by lottery from the submissions of eligible improvisers. If you’re picked, you get placed on a team of 8 players and assigned a coach. You’ll practice once a week and have a schedule of regular performances. It’s a great way to learn what it’s like to be a member of a house improv ensemble.
    • Hearts & Stars: Curated and hosted by our former Artistic Director Megan Gray, Hearts & Stars celebrates female and non-binary improvisers from around the community by gathering women and non binary people of all levels to play together. It’s consistently one of our hottest tickets of the month!
    • And more! Stay connected to the Magnet community on Facebook, Twitter and our blog to make sure you’re not missing a single opportunity.

How do I become a house performer?

It depends. To be eligible to audition for Megawatt (our house improv ensembles) you have to have completed all of Magnet’s core (Levels 1-3) and the Advanced Improv Studies curriculum, up to and including Advanced Improv Level 2 (formerly “Team Performance Workshop”). To be eligible to audition for Musical Megawatt (our house musical-improv ensembles, you must complete Musical Improv Levels 1-3. To apply for a Magnet Sketch ensemble, it is strongly recommended that you take Sketch Levels 1-3 but you also must complete an application and submit a writing packet.
We routinely post audition signups and calls for sketch applications so keep working hard and check back often to see when you can submit!

Can I be an intern?

If you’re a current student, applying for an internship is a great idea! You’ll get to learn the ropes at the theater and training center, make new friends, and become a familiar face around the Magnet community. Plus, you’ll earn credits toward a free class. Here are the details: https://www.magnettheater.com/apps/internships

Is your theater handicap accessible?

Yes, our theater is able to accommodate most of our guests’ needs. Please feel free to call our box office at (212) 244-8824 in advance, and we’ll happily address any of your questions or concerns.

Are your shows suitable for children?

Since so many of our shows are created in the moment, there is no guarantee for what you might see or hear onstage. It’s best to assume the material will be of an adult nature (somewhere between PG-13 and R). Also, we serve beer and wine in our lobby, and yes we ID. Every time.