Upcoming Changes to the Advanced Improv Program

Classes Monday May 6, 2024, 3:05am - by seantaylor


We are excited to announce some changes to our Advanced Improv Program coming in late summer. In an effort to give more stage time to our advanced improv students we are revamping the format of Advanced Level 2 and reintroducing Team Performance Workshop.

The New Advanced Level 2

Starting in August, Advanced Level 2 will no longer have an application process. Instead, any student who has completed Advanced Level 1 can simply sign up. The class will explore a single form that bridges the skills learned in both the PiƱata and The Harold and will conclude with a four week run of shows. This new system will allow all advanced students an opportunity to complete the program.

Team Performance Workshop

Team Performance Workshop will return as an exclusive Advanced Elective filled through an application process. As in the past, the class will run for eight weeks during which students will be split into two teams. Classes will then be followed by a six-week run of shows. Any student who completes AL1 before August 2024 will be eligible to apply to TPW. After August 2024 only those who have completed Advanced Level 2 may apply. Eligibility does not expire.

Megawatt Eligibility

Because of high demand and the limited number of spots in our Megawatt team system, only students who have been accepted into and completed Team Performance Workshop will be eligible to audition for teams. Students who have completed the older version of AL2 (i.e. before June 2024) will also be eligible to audition.