REMIX: The Diversity Sketch Lab 2023

Events, Free, Opportunities, Sketch Saturday August 26, 2023, 12:01pm - by Magnet Theater

After a 3 year hiatus, REMIX is returning for the Fall of 2023!

What is REMIX?

REMIX: The Diversity Sketch Lab 2023 is a 7 week sketch writing workshop, sponsored by the Magnet Theater, for people from underrepresented communities in comedy (PoC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized groups).

For seven weeks, REMIX participants will meet with Magnet sketch directors and performers to learn about sketch writing! We start with the basics of what makes a good sketch and then take you through the process of writing, getting notes, editing, and performing.

All participants will be eligible to have their sketch considered for the shows at the end of the lab, and all participants will have a chance to perform in the shows!

Here are the shows from the previous years: 2019, 2018, 2017, & 2016.

Who is this for?

The aim of REMIX is to lift voices of people from marginalized groups, and celebrate diversity of all types - including (but not limited to): race, age, gender identity, orientation, ability, and more!

But I've Never Done REMIX...

Perfect! There's no prior experience needed. People who participated last year are welcome to participate again, but we'll be covering a lot of the same ground.

Sure, But I've Never Done Sketch Before...

It's never too late to start! REMIX is for people of all experience levels in sketch and comedy writing. Even if you've never done sketch comedy or if you're on a team at another theater, REMIX is for you! All experience levels welcome.

OK, But What's the Catch?

At the end of the 7 weeks there are two shows.
For the show there is a small one-time fee (less than $10) to pay for show recordings and our amazing tech.

Can Anyone Do the Show?

To qualify for show participation, we require that you miss no more than 2 meetings and miss no more than 1 show.

We'd love to stage every sketch that's ready, but due to the high number of participants not everyone's sketch is guaranteed to make it in to the final show. However, everyone that desires to perform in the show will be able to do so.

What Happens with the Sketches After the Lab and Shows?

Any sketches written in the lab (whether they make it into the show or not) are yours to do with what you please! Use them for packet submissions or even stage them in your own shows!

Whoa, that's pretty sweet. How can I stay up to date on the info?

  1. Sign up for the lab here.
  2. Our main line of communication will be through our google group: Click here to request to join or provide your email in the above form to be added.
  3. We will also post everything possible on Facebook (click here), as well.

When does this party start!?

REMIX 2023 will be kicking off with a meet and greet + info session Saturday, September 9th @ 1:30pm at Michael Howard Studios (152 West 25th Street, 10th Floor)


Writing sessions will be remote via Zoom/Google Meet during the following weeks. (Specific day based on availability)

  • 9/10 - Writing Week
  • 9/17 - Writing Week
  • 9/24 - Writing Week
  • 10/1 - Writing Week
  • 10/8 - Writing Week
  • 10/15 - Writing Week

In person blocking and other rehearsals will happen sometime between 10/22 and 11/18


Tech and Shows will be Sundays and located at the Magnet Theater main stage!

  • 11/5 (Show Tech Rehearsal)
  • 11/10
  • 11/19

We look forward to seeing all of you at the info session and meet and greet on 9/9!

If you have any questions email!

The REMIX Team