Announcement: LIVEWIRE (Magnet Sketch Team) Submissions

Sketch Monday July 17, 2023, 2:28pm - by seantaylor

Magnet Theater is excited to announce that starting July 19, 2023, we will be accepting applications for the Fall/Winter season of LIVEWIRE (MAGNET SKETCH TEAMS), which will begin October 10, 2023 and run through January 16, 2024

Please note: Applications, packets, and reels are due by August 18th at 5 pm.

Auditions will run from August 25 -  August 27, 2023.

Teams will be announced on September 1, 2023.

Please read the following application instructions and sketch team participant expectations very carefully.


  • Each team will create one 20-25 minute sketch show every 4-5 weeks.
  • All sketch team shows will be on Tuesday nights (the 2nd or 3rd of each month)
  • All sketch team shows must contain new, original material written specifically for Magnet Sketch Teams that has never been previously performed.
  • Each show will contain the best material created for the team as selected by the director - there is no guarantee that every writer will get a sketch in each show or that every actor will be featured in each show. Funny wins. Them's the breaks.
  • All sketches will be performed by the team's ensemble cast of sketch actors. If a particular sketch requires it, the team may use outside casting (writers, other actors) at the director's discretion.


  • Sketch team members are expected to attend all required meetings and shows and arrive fully prepared. Sketch is time intensive - make sure you can commit 100% and make sketch a priority before applying.
  • Sketch team members must be available 9:30 am to 4 pm the Sunday the week before their show for a mandatory tech rehearsal at the theater.
  • Sketch team members may not schedule conflicting appointments (work, rehearsals, shows, etc) during scheduled techs, shows, rehearsals, or meetings.
  • Sketch teams must rehearse with a Magnet-approved director. Each sketch team is responsible for paying their director a flat rate of $110/week; team due collection is left to the discretion of the director and team (as it would be for an improv team or practice group).
  • Sketch team members are expected to promote their shows at the theater.

For the upcoming sketch season, you must apply as a writer, performer, or a writer/performer. Expectations, prerequisites, and application instructions for each role are below!


  • Writers must attend one 3 hour writing meeting per week, all performance rehearsals of their sketches, and all tech rehearsals.
  • Writers must constantly generate new material and are required to bring in a minimum of one new sketch per week, even during show week.
  • Writers are expected to be respectful and gracious collaborators in the writers' room. Writers should give and receive feedback to and from their teammates in an open and constructive manner.
  • Writers will be responsible for fielding, creating, or (if necessary) purchasing any required props and/or costumes for their sketch
  • Writers will be required to rewrite material and meet deadlines as requested by their director.


  • Completion of (or current enrollment in) Magnet Sketch Writing Level 1 or previous participation in Magnet Sketch Teams (as any role).


Please submit the following materials to:

  • A single PDF of a sketch writing sample. Your sample should contain at least two sketches and may not exceed 10 pages. (If you’ve submitted before you want to avoid sketches you’ve previously submitted  unless they’ve been significantly re-written)


  • Performers must be available for a regularly scheduled 2-3 hour performance rehearsal the week leading up to the show (ex: Sketch Team Dumb Baby has a performance rehearsal every Tuesday before a show, 7-10 pm)
  • Performers must be available for techs, table reads, and any additional rehearsals as required by the director.
  • Performers must learn all show material in a timely manner and be completely off-book by show date.
  • Performers may collaborate with writers outside of rehearsals to help create characters and sketches, but performers should not be writing material on their own for shows.
  • Performers must perform sketches as they are written - ad-libbing is good in a pinch, but be prepared and don't put yourself in positions where you must resort to improvisation. Be polished and professional in all shows.


  • Completion of - or current enrollment in - Magnet Theater Improv Level 3; participation in a past or current Megawatt team; or previous participation in Magnet Sketch Teams (in any role).


Please submit the following materials to:

  • A headshot
  • A PDF of your acting resume
  • A SINGLE link to a 3-5 minute sample of your work as a performer. This can be a reel, a recording of a stage sketch, a video sketch, a monologue directed at a webcam, anything you feel showcases you as a comedic performer. YouTube or Vimeo preferred. The link can be public or unlisted - please no private links. You may only send one link and the link itself may be no longer than 5 minutes.

In-person auditions will be held August 25 -  August 27, 2023. Unfortunately, if you are not available for the above callback dates, you cannot be considered as a performer for the upcoming sketch season.

For the in-person audition, you will perform two contrasting sketches that will be assigned to you and another applicant a couple days prior to the audition. You must be completely off-book and you may rehearse beforehand with your scene partner, at your discretion. You may also be asked to cold read sketches in the room.


  • Writer/performers must meet all writer expectations AND performer expectations.
  • Writer/performers are expected to write for other performers as well as for themselves. There is no guarantee that a writer/performer will perform in all of their own work.


  • Writer/performers must meet all writer AND performer prerequisites or previous participation in Magnet Sketch Teams (as any role).


Please submit the following materials to:

  • All materials detailed in writer application instructions.
  • All materials detailed in performer application instructions.
  • Also, please indicate if you are willing to be considered as a writer or actor ONLY if you are not selected for a writer/performer position. Be completely honest - your preferences will not be held against you!

Failure to follow application instructions will keep you from being considered for a sketch team. Double check your application!

Applications, packets, and reels are due by Friday, August 18, 2023 at 5 pm.