Announcing LiveWire & Friday Sketch Teams

Sketch Monday February 13, 2023, 2:52pm - by seantaylor

We're thrilled to announce the new LiveWire Magnet Sketch teams! You can catch them in action with their premiere show on March 23rd live on the Magnet stage!

** = new to MST
Bold = new to team
Italics = new role

Directed by Ashley Glicken

W/P Annemarie Cullen
W/P Duaa Osman
W/P Max Bank
W/P Ro Rovito
P Slaney Rose Jordan
P **Torrey Shine
W Celine Elliott
W Greg Cornejo
W Terence Munns

Directed by Dennis Pacheco

W/P Steve Howze
P Andy Spiker
P Chach Dziadosz
P Greg Hudson
P Nisarah Lewis
P Roslyn Seale
P Sarah Marksteiner
W Adam Varano
W **Cat Kim
W Donna Steele
W Jacob Stone
W Sean Flowers

Directed by Greg Cornejo

W/P Christian Masinsin
P Allie Kroeper
P Carma Anderson
P Julie McNamara
P **Maya Danzig
P Michael McLarnon
W Alexis Fisher
W **Colleen Cass
W Dylan Ford
W **Jameer Pond
W Jason Wildhagen

Directed by Ben Koch 

W/P Emily Dalton
P Ben Fullon
P **Ed Cara
P Ladell Thomas
P **Mackenzie Grosse
P Tierney Melia
W **Kristin Frank
W **Megan Kashtan
W **Nick Plackis
W Randy McKay
W **Seyoung Kim 

Also, Friday Sketch teams debut Friday, March 31st

W/P Ben Koch
W/P Kate Shine
W/P Kayte Zhang
P Dennis Pacheco
P Frankie Johnson
P Kourtni Beebe
W Harry McAlister
W Kathleen O'Mara
W Leah Roth
W Virginia Dickens

W/P Becca Schall
W/P Joe Lepore
W/P Lanee' Sanders
W/P Sam Rogal
P Amy Rainey
P John Ross
P Michael Stevens
W Nat Silverman