Announcing LiveWire Sketch Teams

Congrats, Sketch Wednesday September 7, 2022, 6:34pm - by seantaylor

We're thrilled to announce the new LiveWire Magnet Sketch teams! You can catch them in action with their premiere show on October 20th live on the Magnet stage!

** = new to MST
Bold = new to team
Italics = new role
W = Writer
P = Perfomer
W/P = Writer + Performer

Directed by Dennis Pacheco

W/P Steve Howze
W **Adam Varano
W **Donna Steele
W **Emily Dalton
W **Jacob Stone
W Sean Flowers
P **Andy Spiker
P Greg Hudson
P **Chach Dziadosz
P Nisarah Lewis
P **Roslyn Seale
P **Sarah Marksteiner

Directed by Gregory Cornejo

W/P Amanda Melhuish
W **Alexis Fisher
W **Dylan Ford
W Emily Draper
W **Jason Wildhagen
W Matt Abedi
P **Allie Kroeper
P **Carma Anderson
P **Christian Masinsin
P **Julie McNamara
P **Max Ross
P Michael McLarnon

Directed by Michael Delisle

W/P Ben Koch
W/P Dennis Pacheco
W/P Kate Shine
W/P Kayte Zhang
W Harry McAlister
W Kathleen O'Mara
W Leah Roth
W Virginia Dickens
P Frankie Johnson
P Kerri Kenny
P Kourtni Beebe

Directed by Amanda Xeller

W/P Annemarie Cullen
W/P Duaa Osman
W/P Ro Rovito
W Celine Elliott
W Dmitry Shein
W **Terence Munns
P Levi Friedman
P Max Bank
P Ona Vicente
P Tierney Melia