Advanced Improv Studies @Magnet – Policies and FAQ

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Frequently asked Questions about Advanced Improv Studies

Q: What is Advanced Improv Studies?

A: Advanced Improv Studies is Magnet’s advanced improv training program.

Q: What makes Advanced Improv Studies different from the Core Curriculum?

The core curriculum is designed to turn absolute beginners into proficient improvisers.  The Advanced Improv Studies program is tailored for those students interested in becoming seasoned performers.  It's also a training ground for veteran improvisers who want to fine-tune their skills. To do this, the Advanced Improv Studies offers students a variety of specific classes featuring a higher degree of individualized attention tailored to each students' strengths and weaknesses.

Q: How do I become an Advanced Improv Studies Student?

A: By applying to Advanced Improv 1.  Upcoming classes and submission instructions can be found on the Classes page of this website. To be considered you must have completed Level Three in the Improv Core Curriculum

Q: How does the selection process work?  

A: A number of factors are weighed when considering applicants, ranging from mastery of core improv skills to off-stage behavior and treatment of fellow students. Acceptance decisions are made at the discretion of the Advanced Improv 1 Instructor in consultation with your previous Improv Core Curriculum instructors.

Q: Is personal conduct taken into consideration when applying to Advanced Improv Studies?

A: Yes. Successful students are not only proficient improvisers, but also people who help create a safe and supportive environment.  We consider courtesy and a respect for others essential for good ensemble work, and factor those qualities heavily in our decisions.

Q: When will I find out if I've been accepted into the Advanced Improv Studies Program?

A: Submission deadlines and notification dates will be indicated in the class description.  Everyone who submits by the deadline will be contacted with the results by the notification date.

Q: If there are two Advanced Improv 1 classes starting around the same time is it OK to apply to both? Will it help my chances of getting into one or the other?

A: You are welcome to apply to both. This doesn't provide any advantage in terms of acceptance, but if accepted, your schedule flexibility is helpful to our administrators.

Q: I was not accepted into Advanced Improv 1 with my first application.  Can I try again?

A: Yes.  However, we will be basing our decisions off teacher evaluations from past classes.  If you haven’t worked with any Magnet Core Curriculum teachers in the interim then we can only base our decisions on old evaluations.   Sharpening your skills in the presence of Magnet instructors is the best way to demonstrate your proficiency and improve your chances.

Q: Do I have to take a certain number of electives in order to apply to the Advanced Improv Studies Program?

A: No. You just have to have completed Level Three.  However, electives are a great way to continue to improve as well as work with a variety of Magnet Instructors.

Q: I've already taken Level Five.  Can I also do Advanced Improv 1?

A: You are welcome to apply, but priority is given to new students. We encourage you to consider other Advanced Improv Studies classes, especially if you've taken Level Five recently.

Q: Can only Advanced Improv Studies Students take Advanced Improv Studies classes?

A: Yes.

Q: Can only students who have completed Advanced Improv 2: Team Performance Workshop audition for Megawatt house teams?

A: Yes.  Auditions for Megawatt house teams are open only to students who have completed Advanced Improv 2: Team Performance Workshop.

Q: If I've been accepted into the Advanced Improv 1.  Does that mean that I’m automatically accepted into Advanced Improv 2: Team Performance Workshop?

A: No. Team Performance Workshop is by application only.

Q: Why is Team Performance Workshop so selective and why don't you offer more sessions?

A: The conclusion of each Team Performance Workshop session is scheduled to correspond with one of our bi-annual Megawatt house team auditions. Team Performance Workshop is meant for those students who are most prepared to audition for Megawatt house teams.

Q: Does Team Performance Workshop guarantee me a spot on a Megawatt team?

A: No. Team Performance Workshop does make you eligible to audition, but does not guarantee placement on a Megawatt team.

Q: I have more questions. Whom should I ask?A:The Magnet Theater School Director who can be reached by emailing or by phone at 212.244.8824.