Announcing Sketch Circuit Teams!

Congrats, Sketch, The Circuit Friday May 6, 2022, 12:59pm - by seantaylor

Congratulations to the Summer Sketch Circuit Teams! Don't miss their premiere Thursday, June 16th at the Magnet Theater!!

Directed by Michael McLarnon

Emily Dalton Writer/Performer
Allie Kroeper Performer
Christian Masinsin Performer
John Dziadosz Performer
Libby Heily Performer
Nick Phillips Performer
Dylan Ford Writer
Erika Scipio Writer
Sean Flowers Writer
Terence Munns Writer
Thelonious Fiorito Writer

Directed by Laura Fabius

Carma Anderson Writer/Performer
Greg Hudson Writer/Performer
Collen Cass Performer
Jake Comito Performer
Rebecca Greubel Performer
Sam Locke Performer
Alexis Fisher Writer
Celline Elliott Writer
Jason Wildhagen Writer
Reuben Wolf Writer

Directed by Virginia Dickens

Matt Abedi Writer/Performer
Colin Fisher Performer
Diana Tancer Performer
Kay Mollica Performer
Mikey Pobuda Performer
Tim Layman Performer
Vanessa Grass Performer
Adam Varano Writer
Andi Patton Writer
Donovan Keene Writer
Jacob Stone Writer
Kristin Frank Writer

Directed by Jeffrey Kitt

Donna Steele Performer
Elle Nelson Performer
Jenrie Cases Performer
Jie Ma Performer
Tina Detchon Performer
Wade Cushner Performer
Andy Spiker Writer
Duaa Osman Writer
Erin McMahon Writer
Greg LaBrecque Writer
Leila Nematzadeh Writer
Nick Alexander Writer